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8 min readApr 28, 2022


After a long awaited launch and in-depth preparatory work, we are very excited to announce the next steps on the way to building iBG’s DeFi Investment Portal.

Soon you will be able to tell everyone that becoming an iBG token holder was the best investment decision of your life. We are now ready to share more details about the upcoming launch of our portal, with the detailed steps necessary for iBG holders to increase their wealth in DeFi in an incredibly easy way.

What is iBG Finance Investment Portal?

iBG Investment Portal is designed to provide an all-in-one service for users to access a full suite of DeFi earning protocols including highly coveted, popular and sought after platforms.

Users save from having to jump through multiple chains; cross multiple bridges and endlessly swap various tokens just to get into a staking platform only to find that they have to unstake their positions and go through the same multitude of steps when they are ready to exit.

iBG Finance takes these difficulties out of the way by streamlining the investment process. This could come up to as many as ten complicated steps, across multiple chains, to an easy three: Fund, Choose, and Earn!

This iBG Finance easy-to-use ecosystem is designed to cater to all varieties of investors. From the crypto newbie to the accomplished veterans, even professionals can take advantage of the simple yet innovative interface to enter the large lineup of DeFi pools iBG consolidates for users.


With iBG investment portal, you never have to worry about technical steps. Simply choose your membership, browse from our wide range of DeFi earning protocols, allocate your funds and watch your profit grow!

There is no need to recall the many sites and many steps as you diversify your portfolio.

Our portal allows for crypto newbies, enthusiasts, and experienced investors to earn as high as 100,000% APY and above, or even up to 500,000% APY with extreme returns, but that all depends on how much $iBG tokens you have with you.

The Portal will feature over 100 investment solutions to cater to the varying preferences and risk appetites of iBG token holders.

You can start earning with iBG in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose your membership tier.

2. Join any of the more than 100 available earning protocols.

3. Allocate your tokens in USDT/C and start earning in the same tokens.

We take care of the nitty-gritty technical details so you can make sure you’re maximizing your profits while having these difficult steps taken care of. We’re not reinventing the wheel here in DeFi, we just make sure the process of doing so run more efficiently.

The Core Benefits of iBG Finance Investment Portal:

  1. It’s All In One Place
    There are hundreds if not thousands of DeFi solutions out there. We consolidate all of them in a single platform. It’s like your agoda of hotel rooms, or even your skyscanner of flights, so you can see what’s the best deal in the market today at one glance. While there are tons of DeFi projects out there, it is easy to get lost in the woods and keep track of everything unless you’re sitting down in front of an excel sheet all day. We understand that most users don’t want to do this, so we made it easy for you to access everything in one glance.
  2. Technical Processes Are Done For You
    We bridge the gap between investors and DeFi with hassle-free staking. Bypass the technical hoops and all the backend processes of buying a native DAO token, swapping, wrapping, bridging, staking. There is a lot of money to be made in these farms but it is also very technically tedious or challenging. Most people don’t know how to do it, are scared of doing it, or can’t be bothered. With one click, you can easily access these earning opportunities in DeFi with iBG.
  3. Insane Gains That Beats Traditional Markets
    Even the lowest APY DeFi farm has better earnings than the highest traditional bank savings account. Even for the safest and lowest returns — stable returns at 100% APY, beats the returns offered by my bank account. If I put $100 in my bank, I make 0.05%. That’s 5 cents. If I put it in one of the stable pools, I make $100. If I put it in the medium return one I make $500. Just start to imagine the gains of the high and extreme returns. Only in DeFi and crypto. Earn and get daily rewards from pools from 100% and up to 500,000% APY.
  4. Wide Variety of Options
    This is like an all you can eat buffet. If you have a large appetite, go for more. If you can go for it, there are plenty of options with the different DeFi pools. There are over 100 DeFi earning protocols. You have the option of choice and variety according to their your own comfort and risk level.

Membership Tiers

To participate in the iBG Portal, you will need to get a membership. You choose your own allocation based on the amount of iBG in your wallet and the membership tier you select.

Purchase iBG tokens on either the BSC or ETH network via Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

The higher the membership tier, the higher the allocation, and the more you can invest in the many DeFi opportunities iBG has consolidated for you on the platform.

Our 9 available membership tiers:

1. Bronze — 100 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $10 allocation

2. Silver — 1,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $100 allocation

3. Gold — 5,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $500 allocation

4. Platinum -10,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $1,100 allocation

5. Diamond — 25,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $3,000 allocation

6. Titanium — 50,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $6,500 allocation

7. Elite Platinum -100,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $16,000 allocation

8. Elite Diamond — 250,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $42,500 allocation

9. Elite Titanium — 500,000 iBG tokens to participate — you’ll get a $100,000 allocation

Our super exclusive Jade Tier is open for invitation only for our most dedicated stakers and users.

If you noticed, starting from the platinum tier, moving up, the allocation only gets bigger and bigger. These allocations become more profitable, taking advantage of the amount of iBG tokens required as you go up.

That’s not all. Carefully study the numbers of allocations in the table. If you pay attention to the price of iBG today, when it is only $0.2 (BSC), you will understand how profitable it is to strive for the maximum tier today. By paying 20 cents today for 500,000 tokens, you will receive a double benefit — a $100,000 allocation. When the price of the token grows, which is inevitable, getting such an allocation will become more and more expensive by the day.

And that’s not all the benefits we’re announcing. Read to the end and you will be pleasantly surprised.


*There will be some pools that will offer 100,000% APY and above.
*There will be some pools that will offer 100,000% APY and above.

Get your membership early whilst iBG token price is affordable. Get to the highest position in the membership tier within your comfort and risk level. As with many protocols, the longer you stake, the greater your compound earnings.

Getting the top position means you get to earn more. As we emphasize the element of speed, we want to remind all our users that this is like getting into an exclusive club so you can be the first to maximize your earnings. Of course, we will have many more in-real-life, earnings and project benefits to come for VIPs, as the DeFi market is a promising and fertile one, and we have built this project for longevity. Be the first one to act and be rewarded handsomely. Get into the highly coveted position with attractive rates at the top. First movers have the most advantage so, be quick.

Whitelisting Campaign

To celebrate this enormous feat in the industry, iBG Finance offers Whitelisting for early users who are keen and interested to experience this fresh approach to decentralized finance. Through official launchpad, users simply connect their BSC or ETH wallet address to Whitelist their wallet. Users will gain access to the Investment Portal once it goes live.

Whitelist now and receive a 20% tier token discount on your allocation immediately. This runs only for a limited time so be quick. To explain the economics of the deal — If someone enters at Bronze, that’s only 80 iBG needed instead of 100 iBG! If someone enters at Elite Titanium — that’s 80,000 instead of 100,000 iBG needed. The savings only get bigger and bigger as we climb up the tier list.

VIP Whitelisters

After your Whitelisted wallet has been included in the snapshot, you’ll be able to join the ranks of VIP to get a FREE TIER UPGRADE when we go live with our investment portal! This will only be limited to the first 1,000 valid entries, so be quick. These tasks that allow you to become VIP include connecting your discord, twitter or telegram. You can also refer friends, make a video or meme, or follow the step by step tutorials. It’s that easy.

Let’s explain the math — you only need to have 80 iBG tokens to upgrade Bronze tier to Silver tier and receive a $1,000 allocation. By going to the list of investor tiers, you can easily calculate how much you can save when you upgrade to higher tiers like Titanium or Elite Diamond. These savings go from 50–80%, depending on which tier you start with and upgrade to. Truly, truly incredible.

Again, VIP membership is limited to the first 1,000 members who meet the entry requirements, so sign up early and start accumulating those points to gain yourself special status.

SKYROCKET your earnings with iBG!

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