Why should I invest with iBG Investment Portal instead of directly on yield farms?

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6 min readJul 25, 2022


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With the crypto world evolving every second, choosing the best platform to invest in is a tiresome task. However, many investors are rooting towards iBG instead of directly yielding on farms because of its simplicity.

Moreover, the crypto world is so volatile that a small error can land you in big trouble. So, it’s important to consider what you are going to invest in and whether it is reliable enough to trust with your assets. iBG platform is one such emerging DeFi platform. To know more about it and why the masses prefer it, keep reading!

First, let’s have a quick introduction to iBG.

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You might be aware of decentralized finance exchanges. iBG is one such emerging DeFi platform. However, it is different from other platforms because it has an easy-to-use interface and simple staking model. The platform has been the most talked about in the town because of allowing all kinds of users to benefit from digital tokens.

Why Invest in iBG Investment Platform?

Below are some crucial reasons to invest in the iBG platform instead of yield farming.

1. Diversified Earning Pools

iBG has diversified earning pools... Simply put it has tons of options for you.

It has been designed keeping in mind different types of investors like day traders, long-term investors, risk-averse hodlers, etc. The platform is designed to give maximum flexibility to all types of investors.

2. Unified Wealth Management Portal

One of the main reasons why investors should invest in iBG is its unified portal which is also user-friendly. Another reason is that the iBG platform offers a unified view of all your investments. If you have invested in different pools, farms, solutions, you can easily track them all in one place.

Additionally, if you are a beginner investor, this is the right platform for you. iBG allows you to invest in different earnings pools simultaneously.

3. Membership-based Recommendations

iBG’s investment portal provides algorithm-driven recommendations. This allows users with flexibility and efficiency while managing their DeFi assets. Moreover, this technology also ensures that investors earn from their invested tokens.

Based on your membership level, you will be directed to different levels of investments. For example, a Bronze member will be able to view and monitor their assets from certain limited pools. A Platinum or Titanium will be able to do the same, in addition to being able to view a larger range from their portfolio. And of course, an Elite member will have all of the capabilities of the all the levels.

The benefits of this technology is that it allows for a more secure and efficient way to invest in DeFi projects. In addition, it also offers users the ability to maximize their earnings potential by providing them with customized recommendations. The team is always constantly looking for more features and pools to add to the platform.

4. Easy to Access Portfolios

The most important feature is that you can easily manage your entire portfolio. iBG makes sure that you get the best returns, and at the same time, if you want to sell or buy a particular asset, it is easy to do so.

Also, as the platform is diversified, you can track the portfolios on the existing Blockchain and allow investors to grow and earn more. You can even create custom portfolios by combining different assets to achieve the desired return.

5. Rewarding System

The rewarding system in iBG works in the form of tiers. Every investor stakes their tokens in a tier that further allows them to invest in projects on the Blockchain. The higher the investor’s tier is, the greater will be the allocation given to them.

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Here’s another way to look at it…. Here are some ways to make it easier for you to understand the difference between yield farming and iBG investment platforms. How is Yield Farming directly different than using iBG?

1. Tedious APY Solutions

A lot of DeFi protocols require you to go through tedious bridges to reach the Blockchain so you can stack. The process is quite complex and even seasoned, or novice users would avoid going through it.

2. Little to None Governance

The biggest problem with yield farms is that there is little to no governance. The lack of governance means the farm is not accountable to anyone and can’t be held responsible for its actions.

This lack of accountability leads to poor decision-making, resulting in poor returns and a failure to fulfill the minimum requirements set out by normal financial regulators.

3. Doubtful Security

The fact is that investment in yield farms is not secure, and there is a big chance of losing your money. Suppose you are planning to invest in yield farms. In that case, you should consider all the risks and make sure that you have the right information about the yield farm before making any investment.

Now that you’re convinced… How to Invest in the iBG Investment Portal?

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To invest in the iBG investment platform, simply head to the portal website.


You have to connect your Metamask wallet (metamask.io).

Next, you must purchase iBG tokens from ETH or BSC network using Uni or Pancake Swap.

Here you can also decide the membership level or plan you want to subscribe to.

Finally, you will have to allocate your purchased tokens in USDT and start earning the same tokens.

Now, you can join any of the earning protocols. iBG has more than 100 earning protocols, including pools, mining farms, and much more.

iBG’s Mission

It’s iBG’s mission to maximize the benefit from users’ digital tokens or cryptocurrencies by enabling them to navigate the complex DeFi sector or protocols through technological development. In short, the platform aims to simplify the whole investment process for you.

Bottom Line

iBG investment platforms have many advantages over traditional yield farming, which is quite complex. Equipped with secure mining, governance, and the latest technology, iBG makes it painless, easy, and safe to invest in DeFi protocols and earn greater rewards. And there is no doubt that iBG is the best investment portal available today!

But before investing in it or any other crypto platform, it’s always recommended to reach out to the authentic resources and do your proper research and due diligence to ensure that you are investing in a safe yet profitable protocol.