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3 min readFeb 14, 2022


The continuous growth of iBG’s portfolio has resulted in expansion for the project’s native token.

iBG Finance’s greatest consumer earning asset to date, its farms available on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, allow users to grow their wealth through high APY pools that generate income in as fast as five minutes. The iBG Token finds itself at the core of this earning mechanism through liquidity pairs and through its own staking pool. iBG is confident that with the upcoming revamp coming to these platforms and a new ‘Locked Staking’ feature, users will be able to enjoy earning at heights never before seen.

Farming in decentralized finance brings investors compounded earning opportunities for a plethora of their assets. This process of staking an amount and reaping its interest over an extended period of time grows your earning exponentially, especially when iBG’s Farms are the chosen earning platforms.

With APYs that deliver on promises of yield in a matter of minutes, iBG proves time and time again that it can bring consumers to greater heights of learning and earning on the blockchain, no strings attached.

‘Exchange’ interface on iBG’s BSC Farms.
‘Farming’ interface on iBG’s ETH Farms.

Robovisor, iBG’s much-awaited product, whose primary goal is to serve as a stepping stone for crypto newbies to dip their feet into DeFi, sees the iBG Token as an integral cog in its machinery.

With the upcoming release of the iBG Launchpad, the wealth management portal to surpass all others on the market with its unique approach to simple asset amplification, the iBG Token only sees growth in regards to its utility through the Launchpad’s multitude of altcoin offerings, as well its accompanying tier brackets for would-be users and projects alike.

To prepare the wide range of expectant users of the platform, iBG began a three-month campaign to provide a free 10% token bonus when a minimum of 1,000 $iBG is purchased on Uniswap. With the promotion ending on 22 February 2022, the promotion truly embodies the spirit of fresh opportunities and prosperous beginnings.

Further details on the ongoing campaign are available via

The releases lined up in iBG’s roadmap released in early January of this year outline only rampant growth for the native token’s usage cases, and iBG is delighted to offer end-users simpler, more diverse connections to the metaverse and allow for exponential asset growth and management.



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