iBG Finance Investment Portal Launch

What is iBG Finance Investment Portal?


The Core Benefits of iBG Finance Investment Portal:

  1. It’s All In One Place
    There are hundreds if not thousands of DeFi solutions out there. We consolidate all of them in a single platform. It’s like your agoda of hotel rooms, or even your skyscanner of flights, so you can see what’s the best deal in the market today at one glance. While there are tons of DeFi projects out there, it is easy to get lost in the woods and keep track of everything unless you’re sitting down in front of an excel sheet all day. We understand that most users don’t want to do this, so we made it easy for you to access everything in one glance.
  2. Technical Processes Are Done For You
    We bridge the gap between investors and DeFi with hassle-free staking. Bypass the technical hoops and all the backend processes of buying a native DAO token, swapping, wrapping, bridging, staking. There is a lot of money to be made in these farms but it is also very technically tedious or challenging. Most people don’t know how to do it, are scared of doing it, or can’t be bothered. With one click, you can easily access these earning opportunities in DeFi with iBG.
  3. Insane Gains That Beats Traditional Markets
    Even the lowest APY DeFi farm has better earnings than the highest traditional bank savings account. Even for the safest and lowest returns — stable returns at 100% APY, beats the returns offered by my bank account. If I put $100 in my bank, I make 0.05%. That’s 5 cents. If I put it in one of the stable pools, I make $100. If I put it in the medium return one I make $500. Just start to imagine the gains of the high and extreme returns. Only in DeFi and crypto. Earn and get daily rewards from pools from 100% and up to 500,000% APY.
  4. Wide Variety of Options
    This is like an all you can eat buffet. If you have a large appetite, go for more. If you can go for it, there are plenty of options with the different DeFi pools. There are over 100 DeFi earning protocols. You have the option of choice and variety according to their your own comfort and risk level.

Membership Tiers


*There will be some pools that will offer 100,000% APY and above.
*There will be some pools that will offer 100,000% APY and above.

Whitelisting Campaign

VIP Whitelisters

SKYROCKET your earnings with iBG!



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