Tutorial: How to migrate to online Investment Portal from your Welcome Wallet app

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2 min readAug 1, 2022


Photo by Tim B Motivv on Unsplash

Hello iBG Community!

Here’s a tutorial guide on how to migrate your Welcome Wallet to the latest Investment Portal via Metamask wallet!

Do follow these detailed steps for the set-up!

Full Tutorial for Migration, skip to 0:25 if you have set up Metamask already

If you do not have Metamask yet, it’s easy peasy to set it up!

Download Metamask

  1. In Chrome, top right corner, select Update -> More Tools -> Extensions
  2. In Extension, top left corner, select the Menu Icon -> Open Chrome Web Store
  3. Select Metamask -> Add to Chrome -> Add Extension
  4. In Chrome, top right, select the Extension Icon -> Pin Icon

Begin Migration

  1. At Metamask page or click Metamask logo at top right side, click Get Started
  2. Select Import Wallet -> key in the Mnemonics (Seed Phrase) or Private Key of your iBG Welcome Wallet.
  3. You can obtain the Mnemonics or Private Key from your iBG Welcome Wallet -> Profile -> Backup Mnemonics -> Backup Mnemonics -> the 12 secret words at the last section -> Copy)

If you have Metamask already, this will be super fast for you!

Migrate WW to Metamask Wallet

  1. Login to Metamask extension
  2. Click colourful icon at top right side, under My Accounts -> Import Account
  3. Select Private Key -> Paste your private key.

4. You can obtain the Private Key from your iBG Welcome Wallet -> Profile -> Backup Mnemonics -> Backup Private Key -> the long string at the bottom is your key, click copy button.

5. Paste private key into Metamask, you can rename the account if you wish.

Note: Users will not be able to recover their wallets in the event they have lost their seed phrase or private key. Please keep this info with you at all times.

On an ending note, we are now initiating the full transfer to the new Investment Portal and we are confident you will find an earning’s pool that matches your investment needs.

There are tons of earnings opportunities within the DeFi space, and we want YOU to see the returns and profits that you deserve.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Access the Investment Portal now!