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7 min readMay 16, 2022


  1. What exactly is iBG Investment Portal?

The iBG Investment Portal is a DeFi yield farming aggregator. It allows for crypto newbies, enthusiasts, and even the most experienced investors to earn from 10% APY to as high as 500,000%++ APY (extreme returns).

The Defi Projects in our iBG Investment Portal are existing projects across all Defi platforms. We will select them based on an internal process and upload to our portal for members to invest with just some simple clicks. Other than presenting a myriad of choices, our Portal handles all the nitty-gritty details in tech. Therefore, you can invest at ease without having to go through complicated technical steps.

2. Is it difficult to invest in DeFi myself, why do I need iBG Investment Portal?

Investing in Defi yourself is not an easy task. You must look for the best prices all day long and get used to their interface, system, or platform before investing! It is also never easy to track your portfolio if you have multiple investments across different platforms.

With iBG Investment Portal, you can view everything just through a single portal — which will eliminate the hassle of swapping, wrapping, bridging and staking, etc. There’s no need for constant switching back and forth from various platforms while managing your multiple portfolios, thus making it a better user experience and time saving.

3. What are the membership tiers about?

The 9 membership tiers are:

Our super exclusive Jade Tier is open for invitation only for VCs and our most dedicated members.

We have 9 Membership Tiers which you can subscribe to with iBG Tokens to be entitled to the Investment Allocation for you to invest in the Defi projects that we bring to our portal. The higher the tier, the higher the allocation, which gives you a wider choice in diversifying your investment.

4. How can I take most advantage of the Membership Tiers?

There are three advantages:

First, the Investment Allocation. Subscribe to the highest membership tier to take advantage of the higher Investment Allocation. You definitely will have a wider choice of projects to invest and diversify your portfolio, and with higher investment amount.

Second, the Profit Tax Sharing. All profits made by members will be subjected to a 10% Profit Tax. As an existing member, you are entitled to share 50% of this Profit Tax with other existing members.

Third, the iBG token price. If the price of iBG token is at $0.20 and you have subscribed to an Elite Titanium with 500,000 iBG tokens, it will only cost you USD$100,000. When demand kicks in for our Membership Tier and price of iBG token rise, say it spikes to $0.50, you would be paying USD$250,000 for the Elite Titanium.

Its always an advantage to participate NOW than later.

5. What is Investment Allocation?

The investment allocation pertains to the amount you are entitled to invest in the projects based on the membership tier you subscribed to. You must spend your own USDT/USDC to invest. At any one time, your investment cannot exceed the investment allocation amount that you are entitled to.

Here is an example:

A Platinum tier has $1,100 allocation. You can invest in different pools, $100 in LP1 for stable returns, $200 in Pool 2 for medium returns, and $800 in Mining Farm 3 for high returns. For these 3 investments, you have invested the maximum of S1,100 of your allocation. You must withdraw from any of these pools before you can make further investment. Alternatively, you can upgrade your membership tier to be entitled to a higher investment allocation.

6. What is the Referral System and how can I partake in it?

The referral system was designed to reward our existing and loyal members for recommending iBG investment portal to their referrals. When your referral subscribes to a membership in the investment portal using your unique referral code, he will be under your community. Whenever he invests in any projects within the portal and makes a profit, you will receive a share of the Profit Tax. All profits will be subjected to a 10% Profit Tax. As a referrer, you are entitled to 30% of this Profit Tax. As long as your referral continues to invest and make a profit, and you remain as a member, you will receive the share.

7. What are the Fees and Tax involved?

The following are the fees to be taxed:

Investment Admin Fee — 1.5%

Withdrawal Admin Fee — 1.5%

Profit Tax — 10%

8. How will the Profit Tax be distributed?

Profit Tax distribution:

Existing Members — 50%

Direct Referrer — 30%

Development Team — 20%

Weightage on the Profit Tax Sharing for Existing Members:

Bronze — 2%

Silver — 5%

Gold — 10%

Platinum — 30%

Diamond — 50%

Titanium — 70%

Elite Platinum — 100%

Elite Diamond — 130%

Elite Titanium — 180%

9. Where can I purchase the iBG Tokens to subscribe to the Membership Tier?

You can purchase iBG Tokens at:

ETH Network (ERC20) from Uniswap —

BSC Network (BEP20) from Pancakeswap —

10. How can I unsubscribe from my Membership Tier?

As long you do not have any investment position in any projects, you can unsubscribe at any time. The iBG tokens for the Membership will be return to your Metamask Wallet.

11. If I upgrade my Membership Tier, when will I get my new Investment Allocation?

Your upgrade and new Investment Allocation will be reflected immediately, after approving the signing transaction on your wallet.

Once you have upgraded, refresh the page and you will be able to see your new Membership Tier and Investment Allocation.

12. Can I have different membership tiers in both BSC and ETH?
What are the benefits of having a membership in 2 different chains? Why would I want to have 2 memberships on different chains? What’s the difference between iBG on BSC and ETH?

Yes, you can. It’s entirely your preference. There are members who have a lot more ETH than BSC and would rather use those tokens instead and vice versa. It really depends on the individual member, but here are some reasons why you would want to choose either chain:

a) Why I chose BSC. Here are some reasons.

  • The Ethereum network is already super congested.
  • Think about the gas fees I’ll pay 1 cent, 3 cents, 5 cents on BSC versus $20, $30, $100 gas fees on ETH.
  • I already have tokens on BSC. I don’t carry ETH or Ethereum-based tokens. Therefore, my preference would be BSC.

b) Why I chose Ethereum. Here are some reasons.

  • Eth is versatile, has the most number of smart contracts written on its code. There is also a large number of alt tokens built on Ethereum.
  • Prestige effect — most NFTs are built on the eth smart contract. Ethereum-based NFTs are more prestigious than Solana NFTs.
  • I already have tokens on ETH. I don’t carry BSC or BSC-based tokens. Therefore, my preference would be ETH.

13. When I invest in a project, do I earn in USDT/USDC, or the project’s token?

The returns will be in the project’s native token, the portal will swap back to USDT/USDC, before returning to your Investment Wallet.

14. What happens when the APY of a project drops in the middle of my investment?

The APY of any project is dynamic and dependent on market conditions. As much it can increase or decrease, your earnings will also be affected by the changes in the APY.

15. What happens when there’s not enough investors to hit a certain threshold for a project?

A threshold will be set for every project according to its supply and demand. As long we reach the minimum threshold, we would move ahead with the investment, or else the tokens will be returned to the investors.

16. What happens if a certain project collapses or turns out to be a rugpull?

We have a team to analyze, monitor and follow an audit process before we bring the projects to our Investment Portal. In any investment, there will still be risk involved, that is why we have these procedures in place to minimize risk for your investment goals!

We hope these were sufficient answers to your questions. Good luck, and happy earning with iBG.

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