Exciting news for our BSC holders!

New BSC Farming/Staking Pool
We will be launching a new Farming/Staking Pool on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

As the emissions for the existing pools are ending on 18th March 2022 (more details

below), investors can withdraw and stake into our new pools, launch date coming within the next few days.

End of iBG Token Emission on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
The emission of iBG Tokens on iBG Finance’s Binance Smart Chain Farms and Pools is estimated to end on 18th March 2022 based on an average of 28,800 BSC blocks validated every 24 hours.

Following this, Investors must withdraw all stakes from the farms and pools prior to 18th March 2022. Failure to do so may lead to withdrawal issues and the loss of unharvested APR rewards.

On 18th of March 2022, emission for ALL farms and pools will be set to 0, and withdrawal will only be available via:

For Farming: https://bsc.ibg.finance/farms/history
For Staking: https://bsc.ibg.finance/pools/history

Please email our support team via our official website should you encounter any withdrawal issues after 18th March 2022.



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