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3 min readOct 16, 2021

Cryptocurrency scams are presently a common method for scammers to trick people into sending money. And they come along in various forms. Most crypto scams can emerge as emails attempting to blackmail people, online chain referral systems, or bogus investment and business possibilities. Given the current wave in popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets over the past years, our community has seen a significant uptake of deceitful behavior in our social media pages.

Since we started with our social media updates, especially on our Facebook page, our community members informed us that several fake iBG Finance profiles and pages are commenting on our posts for fraudulent giveaways. And recently, we’ve been notified that there are other Telegram Group Chats created with iBG Finance as the name with thousands of members to make it look like our legit platform. We only have one Telegram Community, and we never ask for personal information nor DM for offers.

With the preceding information, we would like to remind our #iBGians about deceitful activities below. Such scammers and impostors usually interact with our content by posting spam or giveaways and token opportunities. Specifically, this entails:

  • Fake profiles that comment on our latest posts with comments and testimonials.
  • Impersonations of our company, creating profiles/groups.
  • Asking our community for fiat or cryptocurrency by commenting on our content.
  • Messaging our followers and community members through direct messaging asking for money or crypto.
  • Fake links that mimic the appearance of our official website.

How iBG Finance Faced This Issue

iBG Finance takes all required measures to stand up for trust in the crypto ecosystem and protect our users, online communities, and members against the fraudulent practice. We have exerted the following measures:

  • Heightened efforts to continuously watch, document, and report any false behavior, impersonations, and fake accounts by our social media and legal teams.
  • Increased resolutions to officially verify our social media accounts.
  • Increased content warnings of fraudulent behavior and supporting awareness of general tactics utilized by scammers on social media channels.

A Reminder For Our Users Protection

  1. Do not only rely on gleaming testimonials and watch out for unusual payment requests using the name of legitimate companies. Scammers might utilize real names, tamper with data or give recent pictures to look genuine.
  2. Beware of unsolicited calls or texts where you are requested for personal information or any financial data.
  3. Before interacting with social media or messenger accounts, check that they are the official company or employee accounts and not fake profiles. If in uncertainty, always learn to validate the SSL certificate and our official social media profiles.
  4. When you become informed of a fake profile, you can help us by giving us the particular URLs. Only then can we distinguish the specific page convoying the scams.

To all our beloved #iBGians, support us in protecting iBG Finance, our social media community, and the crypto ecosystem by reporting fraudulent action when you notice it.

Stay safe everyone!

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