A Message From Our CEO, Mr. Samuel Chng.

iBG Finance
3 min readMay 2, 2022


Dear Community,

With only a month of Q2 down, iBG Finance already sees tremendous progress and growth. I can’t wait to get into the details with you all through this message for May.

We value your feedback and make sure you are heard. As such, April saw massive outreaches to the iBG community through our Focused Group Discussion, or FGD campaign. With our continuous AMAs and LIVE Twitter Spaces event, we hope we continue to prove that your suggestions are highly valued by the iBG Finance team.

We’ve begun our whitelist registration and opened an exclusive VIP list with only 1,000 slots for early access and a free subscription tier upgrade. The iBG Investment Portal is built for convenience. With our platform, you no longer need to go through tedious swapping and cross-chain UIs. We want to make your investment management easy, and most importantly accessible in just a few simple clicks. The Investment Portal also bridges you to thousands of earning protocols with as high as 500,000% APY!

We at iBG Finance have always prioritised user earning. With our Investment Portal, whitelisters can enjoy an immediate 20% reduction on their chosen tier’s token requirement. Additionally, obtaining a slot in our VIP list provides you the privilege of accessing the Investment Portal at an earlier date than the public.

To build upon our vision of the iBG Investment Portal and becoming your go-to platform for DeFi wealth management, we’ve decided to integrate our highly-awaited Robovisor app onto the Investment Portal. Once the platform pushes live by June 2022, I hope that you are all able to enjoy the added features.

On the side of iBG Tokens themselves, our partnership with BGBF-2, now named, ‘The ICOA Fund’, will finally be launched! After many restructuring processes with the team, The ICOA Fund is now able to provide further liquidity to our limited supply of iBG Tokens. Furthermore, The ICOA Fund is uniquely positioned as a fundamental base support for iBG Tokens, effectively providing holders with a deeper sense of confidence and security.

With this, we are exploring the top CEXs for listings, which we expect to begin coming to fruition in Q3 2022. We believe it is high time for users to further enjoy trading and swapping ease with our token. We also aim for increased consciousness of iBG Finance and the earning opportunities we provide.

We are expanding our prepaid cards and doing further research on how our cards can offer more convenient financial solutions for investors. Of course, we are understandably navigating the legalities surrounding them. We want to make these prepaid cards accessible worldwide, and are working around the clock to ensure that we can bring our vision to your reality.

In regards to our direction with NFTs, we have been looking into NFT Marketplaces specifically. We are excited to simultaneously build partnerships with a variety of artists and brands to curate pieces for tokenization. This is a separate endeavour from our involvement in ICOA’s partnership with Scholas Occurrentes and the Transforming Education Donor Fund.

May 2022 is in our sights and I am thrilled for what is in store for our holders and community followers. iBG Finance is leading an upward pattern of growth and success in the months to come, which will be shared with our investors on the ride up with us.

I look forward to my next update for you all, which I foresee to be another exciting one.

Warm wishes,

Samuel Chng




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